NSI selects contractor J.P. van Eesteren for Technical Design Phase of wooden office building Well House

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NSI N.V. and contractor J.P. van Eesteren have signed a budget agreement for the technical design phase of Well House. Spanning 22,000 sqm of mostly office space, the 86 meters high Well House is set to be one of the highest wooden office towers in the world. The state of the art building will be Paris proof and meet the highest levels of well-being. The intention is to start construction in the second half of 2022.

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Well House, built for change
The building, designed by Dam & Partners Architects, will be a flagship location, prominently located at the top-end of the main Zuidas arterial road. The building, a true pioneer in terms of sustainable building design, will feature a roof terrace with sweeping views of the Zuidas and the city of Amsterdam.

Well House, previously known under its working name Vivaldi III, sits at the intersection of well-being, nature, and sustainability. Conceived as a place that revolves around connection and growth, this green landmark will enable companies to offer their employees best in class healthy, sustainable, and natural workspaces.

From conception to construction, sustainability and well-being are the driving forces behind Well House. By using sustainably sourced wood and choosing circular materials, the carbon footprint of the building is minimised. As a result, both in its construction and at completion, the building will be Paris proof. Thanks to its ambitious sustainability and well-being standards Well House is designed to achieve a BREEAM Outstanding rating and a WELL Platinum label. With Well House we seek not only to contribute to the well-being of tenants, but also to the well-being of future generations.

The collaboration
NSI has selected contractor J.P. van Eesteren because of its proven track record in timber construction and sustainable innovative offices, with projects such as the hybrid-wood residential tower HAUT in Amsterdam and the wooden office of Triodos Bank in Driebergen-Rijsenburg. NSI and J.P. van Eesteren are working together on the Technical Design with the intention to start construction in the second half of this year. The expected completion date will be in the second half of 2025.

Marco Peppel, Chairman of the Board at J.P. van Eesteren: “Well House will be our third major wooden construction project in a row. This is a fantastic opportunity to work with NSI and Dam & Partners Architects to demonstrate that the bar can be raised even higher. Not only with the literal height of 86 meters, but mainly in terms of sustainability. This project perfectly aligns with our own ambitions to build in the most sustainable and circular way possible. We are very excited to realise this iconic project!”

Deputy mayor Marieke van Doorninck (Zuidas): “It is great that the Zuidas is getting one of the tallest wooden office buildings in the world, at 86 meters high. The building also has the highest level of sustainability, both during construction and after completion, making it a perfect fit with our Paris-proof ambitions. Well House shows how we can grow as a city without increasing our footprint, so we can keep the earth habitable for future generations.”

Sten Karelse, Head of Development at NSI: “At NSI, we strive for a world in which the development of new buildings and their use is in full harmony with nature. With Well House we demonstrate this future is already here and it is our goal to inspire the wider real estate industry to a more sustainable future. The entire design, including the use of wood and other natural elements, aims to offer the most comfortable workspaces for organisations, with employee well-being at the core.”