NSI retains five-star rating in 2021 GRESB Real Estate Assessment

We are proud to announce NSI N.V. has achieved a five-star rating in the annual GRESB Real Estate Assessment for a second year in a row and a score of 92 points (out of 100), our best score to date. GRESB is an independent organization that has established itself as the global benchmark assessing the ESG performance of real assets.

NSI’s score compares favourably to a peer average of 78 points and an average score of 72 points for the wider listed property sector. The significant improvement from our initial score of 49 points in 2018 reflects NSI’s journey and ongoing commitment to sustainability, responsible leadership and well-being.

NSI’s sustainability strategy is articulated around three pillars: Energy and Carbon, Future Proof Buildings and Health and Wellbeing. Our ambition is to decarbonise our business to become Paris Proof by 2035, design and own adaptative buildings resilient to climate and demographic change, while continuing to prioritise the health and wellbeing of our customers.

Bernd Stahli CEO of NSI: “While ESG has been an integral part of NSI’s business for some time, the pivotal challenges that lie ahead with regards to climate change, sustainability and well-being have only further emphasised its importance to everyone at NSI. The real estate industry has a major role to play in the achievement of climate change goals and we are convinced that making our portfolio and business as high-quality and low-impact as possible is crucial to our long term success. We continue to be committed to further investing in sustainability technology and initiatives to take our responsibility".