NSI moves its head office to Amsterdam

NSI N.V. will move its head office from Hoofddorp to Amsterdam on Monday 6 December. The new head office is located at Centerpoint II in Amsterdam Southeast, an office building owned by NSI.

Spanning 982 m², the new head office is slightly larger than our former one to accommodate a wider variety of multi-functional spaces. The layout was designed together with HDVL architects to foster a healthy working environment that encourages collaboration and interaction. The office consists of different zones in which employees can work flexibly.

In addition to a limited number of fixed workstations, there are specific spaces aimed at meeting, brainstorming and collaborating. This includes a living room for informal meetings and a library for silent work. In some areas scent and music that match the time of day are present to complete the experience. The sustainable design consists of bio-materials, recycled finishes and fabrics, recycled furniture, natural tones, green walls and plants. All elements are aimed at facilitating a new and inspiring way of working.

Bernd Stahli, CEO: 'Our own NSI head office is a perfect location to realise our vision of the future of the office market. The new office offers a modern, healthy, flexible layout that perfectly matches the experience we want to offer our employees and customers in a changing, more hybrid environment. It also provides us the opportunity to test and further develop new ideas and concepts before deploying them more broadly in the portfolio. Amsterdam Southeast is poised to become a vibrant urban area in the coming years and we are excited to be a part of it by relocating to the heart of this district.”

The new address for NSI: 

Hoogoorddreef 62 

1101 BE Amsterdam 

Telephone: 020 - 76 30 300