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NSI N.V. is a specialist commercial property investor and the only listed real estate investment trust (REIT) focused on well-located offices in economic growth regions in The Netherlands. The NSI team aims to maximise returns for its shareholders through pro-active management of its investment portfolio, value-add initiatives and disciplined asset rotation.

The portfolio, with a value of over one billion euros, is underpinned by a strong balance sheet, with significant capacity to fund both internal and external growth. By investing in attractive space and a high level of services for its customers, NSI can generate sustainable and growing revenues to support an attractive level of dividend.

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General meetings of shareholders are convened by the Management Board or by the Supervisory Board. The General Meeting of Shareholders is held once a year at the end of April. Matters that general meetings of shareholders discuss include the annual report, adoption of the financial statements, appropriation of profit, formal approval of the policy conducted by the Management Board and Supervisory Board and decisions concerning vacancies and other agenda items. The approval of shareholders is required for resolutions that fundamentally affect the identity or the character of the company. Subject to the company’s articles of incorporation, the Management Board and/or Supervisory Board may include on the agenda items put forward by shareholders.
Please check the financial calendar when the next AGM will take place.

NSI is covered by the following sell-side analysts:


Eric Wilmer

Jaap Kuin

Robert Woerdeman

Jean-Marie  Caucheteux

Pierre-Loup Etienne

Corporate Governance

The Management Board and the Supervisory Board are responsible for NSI’s compliance with corporate governance requirements, among other things. As a Dutch public limited liability company, NSI is subject to the Dutch Corporate Governance Code. Corporate governance provides for good business conduct, including transparency in all actions by the Management Board and proper supervision thereof, as well as being accountable for the exercise of this supervision. Please click here to see the relevant Corporate Governance documents.

Dividend policy

In accordance with the dividend policy adopted in the Shareholders’ Meeting of 25 April 2014, NSI distributes at least 75% of the direct result in cash. With this policy NSI complies with its distribution obligation as FBI (Fiscal Investment Insititution).

The retained part of the direct result will be used for reinvestment in the business to drive shareholder returns longer term.

Overview dividend distribution
NSI distributes a dividend twice each year; an interim dividend is distributed after the publication of the H1 interim result and proposed the final dividend is announced with the publication of the preliminary annual results and distributed following the adoption of the final dividend in the annual Shareholders’ Meeting.

Please check the financial calendar for relevant publication and distribution dates.

Note: Dividends below have been adjusted for the 8:1 share consolidation adopted in June 2017

Financial calendar


Financial Calendar 2018

  • 30-01-2018 | Publication preliminary results 2017
  • 09-03-2018 | Publication annual report 2017
  • 19-04-2018 | Publication trading update Q1 2018
  • 20-04-2018 | AGM
  • 19-07-2018 | Publication half year results 2018
  • 18-10-2018 | Publication trading update Q3 2018


(Interim-)dividend distribution 2017

  • Final 2017 dividend will be paid ASAP post the AGM
  • Further details to follow

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